Make a Donation, Give the Gift of a Portrait to the Bereaved. image

Make a Donation, Give the Gift of a Portrait to the Bereaved.

Help Face to Face Fine Art provide comfort to grieving friends and family in the form of a portrait

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We Need Your Support to Provide More Portraits to Grieving Families!

Most of us have experienced loss in our lives, and we know firsthand how how difficult those first few days are, and the pain of the grief that follows.

But when your loved one passes suddenly, unexpectedly or tragically, the pain is even worse.

D. Anne Jones knows this all too well.

Anne was inspired to found Face to Face after losing her sister, mother, and husband, all within a 60 day period.

The mission of Face to Face Fine Art is to provide portraits to those who have lost loved ones suddenly, tragically, or unexpectedly. Because of the way that their loved ones passed, family and friends are often unable to say goodbye. These portraits commemorate the life of the deceased and keep their memory alive for generations to come. Our hope is that we will help the recipients through the grieving process and the artist works with the survivors to create an image that captures the likeness and spirit of their loved one.

A portrait is a compassionate way to provide a measure of comfort to them in their time of need.

You or your business or organization may sponsor a portrait in full and your name or company name will be placed on the portrait as the sponsor. You or your representative may be present at the presentation to the recipient. Full sponsors may designate a portrait of an individual to the survivors. One full portrait sponsorship costs $600.

Groups of friends or colleagues can sponsor a portrait for their co-worker or family member.

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated, and help Face to Face Fine Art provide more portraits to the bereaved.

Monthly or annual donations or sponsorships may be designated and automatically debited to your account.